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the Rooster Story

People often ask how we chose the name of our store. The name came about from a story from the store owner, Tammy Howe's childhood she says has never gone away--or at least never forgotten. According to Tammy, "We grew up on a big farm and had many pets. Our rooster was not one of our favorites. He was kinda mean."

"While we were still children, one day my cousin Becky came over to play, and we took her around to show her all of our pets, including the Rooster. Later that day, when Mom fed the chickens, there lay that rooster--dead! She said one of us kids clunked him over the head with the feed scoop. We all denied such a horrible thing, and to this day still have, but she made us kids butcher that rooster as a lesson. We will never forget that day. And at every family get-together it still seems to be a hot topic."

Tammy further explained, "We played 'Family Jeopardy' at Christmastime and there were many rooster questions and statements." She claimed that she ended the game's questions that night by declaring, "Only the rooster knows, and he's not talking!" They all laughed so hard about that exclamation, that to this day they still reflect on it with much joy and laughter. As Tammy began developing the look of her new shop, The Silent Rooster, she used country and rustic elements including country Rooster decor150 year old barn boards, barn stars and rusty tin. So when Tammy was looking for a store name and asked family members to help, that Rooster kept coming back.


country grapevine wreathe with rusty tin stars


How We Began

A seed was planted...

When owner, Tammy Howe visited the nearby shop location on a friend's behalf, she discovered that the shop would not work out for her friend's needs; however, the shopkeeper next door planted the idea that the shop Tammy was considering would be perfect for antiques or country collectibles.

Spotting the rustic wood floors, Tammy instantly fell in love with the place, and began thinking the idea over. The idea was further germinated when that same shopkeeper neighbor shared a letter mentioning that This Old Barn of Tomah, was interested in selling their entire inventory to another store owner who would maintain the integrity of the country business they had spent so many years to establish. Tammy decided it was at least worth checking out the possibility.

When she visited the charming barn store of thirteen years, she instantly made up her mind that she had indeed come upon a gold mine of delightful treasures, and couldn't wait to share her dream with family and friends, Wonewoc and Juneau County. Tammy loved the idea of using old barn boards to create a rustic atmosphere in her store.

Her family completely supported her, and everyone pitched in to help bring the little shop to life in Wonewoc, Wisconsin. Tammy's parents were particularly instrumental in supporting her endeavor and worked tirelessly to help her prepare the store.

Life brought some changes and with it, The Silent Rooster found a new home in Richland Center, Wisconsin. We have a unique shop with the same wonderful things inside.

Now you can stop in and visit Tammy at her shop, and discover all the treasures she wanted to share that will be perfect for your home or for your friends and family. The sign's out front, and the door is open--Come on in!

Take a Sneak Peek Tour of our Store Below:

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